What are some causes of erectile dysfunction?

Sexuality and health are connected in many different ways. Promiscuous and unprotected sex can, of course, be distinctly haz­ardous. It has been shown that in general, carnality and longevity go together.

There are several possible explanations for this. It is sug­gested that it may be that sex promotes good health by, for example, stimulating the release of growth hormone. An alternative explan­ation is that as we get older, it is only the healthier elderly people who are still capable of having sex. In fact, both these explanations are probably partially true.

Undoubtedly, however, general health affects sexual appetite and performance. And undoubtedly, also, the incidence of erect­ile dysfunction — it affects 1 in 3 men at the age of 40, 2 in 3 men by the age of 70, and 3 million men in the UK in total — tells us that the majority of middle-aged and elderly men are not particu­larly healthy.

This is pretty much in line with American data that shows that, by the time we enter our sixth decade, 5 out of 6 of us will have the symptoms of one or more of the chronic degenerative dis­eases.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not always, however, a sign of an under­lying disease. It can have many causes. It is often linked with anxiety arising from the misconception that sexual activity must lead to penetrative intercourse and ejaculation. When this expec­tation is unmet, many men consider the sexual act a failure — and men with this expectation are particularly vulnerable to anxieties and self-fulfilling prophesies of failure. Sexual counselling is the most appropriate form of treatment in these cases; and can often alleviate problems due to anxiety, stress and marital conflict.

Impotence is also a common side-effect of many drugs, includ­ing medicines such as anti-hypertensives, hormones, anti­depressants, tranquillisers, and some cold and flu remedies, and recreational drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, heroin and cocaine. In medical cases a change of prescription may sometimes be suffi­cient to cure the problem. Where recreational drug use is involved, rehabilitation or other support is indicated.

In middle-aged and elderly men, however, most cases of erec­tile dysfunction have an organic cause, specifically vascular disease and neurological disease. If either the blood vessels that supply the penis or the nerves that connect to it are below par, an erection is difficult or impossible to achieve and maintain. As dia­betes damages both blood vessels and nerves, and the condition is increasing at an alarming rate, it is hardly surprising that impo­tence in ageing men is an increasingly common problem — and that prescription and grey’ sales of Viagra and its competitors, Cialis and Levitra, are doing well.

The Microbead Travel Pillow Is The Best Alternative To Traditional Pillows

People who travel know that it can often be tricky to have comfort in strange places. Fortunately, modern technology has created the microbead travel pillow. They are very compact, extremely comfortable and lightweight. Moreover, they will be hypoallergenic, bacteria resistant and easily cleaned.

These amazing pillows come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Most are small enough to fit into your briefcase, carry on bag or backpack. They can conveniently be taken nearly anywhere you may go. They have a texture that allows them to be put into places that a regular pillow can not be stored.

A microbead pillow is most commonly stuffed with a polystyrene material. The filling consists of millions of tiny beads that can move around, molding themselves to the contours of body parts. These fillers can provide an exceptional amount of support in areas where it is needed.

For the reason that the beads are in fact a form of plastic, they tend not to attract bacteria, mites or fungus. This makes them especially valuable to people who have allergic conditions. They are easy to maintain, carry and clean.

Nearly all will have removable cases that can just be put into your washer. These generally are made of stain resistant spandex, polyester or Lycra material. Some will combine materials to provide a different texture on opposing sides. Their smaller size lets them be easily cleaned by hand if it is necessary.

The beads have a very soothing effect upon the body. The small particles actually move around to persistently adjust their shape in order to conform to all body parts. Though tremendously flexible, cushioning and comfortable, they simultaneously give you a remarkable amount of support.

The pharmacy mall online reviews also promotes proper airflow as well. They do not compress like feather, foam or cotton filled pillows and maintain an even temperature for added comfort in any season. They can be purchased in square, round or horseshoe shapes for supporting the shoulders, arms and legs or the head.

If youve enjoyed all the exciting information you read here about tony little pillow, youll love everything else you find at sleeping pillow.

Natural remedy for morning sickness

Morning sickness is a common condition, which happens to pregnant women or follows a hangover. It may also happen to people with some internal diseases. A natural remedy for morning sickness is always welcomed, whether this condition is temporary or chronic. The morning sickness is emphasized through nausea and vomiting. When it gets out of range, the morning issue turns into a daily sickness.

Natural remedy for morning sickness

The common symptoms of morning symptoms are annoying and not tolerable. Since the morning vomiting and dizziness is hard to control completely, we must rely on a natural remedy for morning sickness. Natural cures adduce everything healthy from their inside in order to reduce the symptoms and make the following part of the day comfortable. Juices, teas, dairy, fruits, vegetables, vitamin and minerals, work on returning the normal function of the body despite the changes it is going through.

Natural remedy for morning sickness caused by alcohol

Nausea caused by the crazy night spent in an alcohol binging company is a situation that many people have experienced. Water is the thing we always turn to. It is our bodys first desire when we awake in the morning. Water is the liquid our body needs and the same thing we need to give it because it helps in excreting the toxins from the previous night. A mixture of honey and lemon added to a tea or cool water is also a natural remedy for morning sickness caused by alcohol. Since the electrolytes the body had lost should be replaced, sport drinks are previously prepared liquids, which accomplish the replacement of what is lost. Juices made of 100% organic fruits and minerals are refreshing the body and can return the condition back to normal. Some ice for the aching head is also a good solution in order to help the noise and dizziness. Getting plenty of rest and doing nothing important in the morning after the drinking binge is also recommendable. Taking vegetable soups during the day will stabilize the normal metabolism function.

Natural remedy for morning sickness in pregnancy

Vitamin deficiency, stress, anxiety, constipation, fatigue, strong smells, low blood sugar, and hormonal changes during pregnancy, cause morning sickness. The basic natural cures for morning sickness in pregnancy include high vitamin and mineral amounts in the food intake. They give support to this vulnerable group of women. The base of the food list rich in nutrition data positive for pregnant women contains the following participants: ginger, apple, raspberry, lemon, and orange. Taking vitamin B6 helps in reducing the nausea. Vomiting is reduced by the right food consumption. A tea from the abovementioned fruits is good in fighting morning sickness. Beside the positive sides of the fruits, a high liquid intake is always recommendable for pregnant women. Drinking water is also a natural remedy for morning sickness. Fresh air, walks, exercises for pregnancy, plenty of sleep, getting rest are very important natural cures for the nausea. Proteins are also important, so a glass of milk before going to bed will certainly relieve the morning issue.

DMAE for Skin Health – Skin Health Supplements for Gorgeous Skin!

What is DMAE?  Is it a vitamin?  A mineral?  A type of amino acid, or fatty acid? Those were the questions I first asked when I started to look in to this nutrient which is sold as a supplement for everything from increasing brain power and focus to improving and firming the skin.

Turned out all of the above guesses were wrong.  DMAE is an organic compound that is found in the skin of certain types of fish primarily.  Not so shocking when you figure most people who consume a lot of fish tend to have pretty nice looking skin and also tend to age better in most other respects (their minds stay sharp).

But of course, since we are a blog about skin care, and all the supplements that can make our skin look youthful, vibrant and ethereally lovely for a long time, we are going to talk about how DMAE may be used to improve the skin.

There are of course detractors of DMAE for skin care who say that there is really no scientific proof that it helps with skin firmness.  However, there are more and more people swearing by its ability to improve the integrity of the skin and keep the aging process at bay.

The longer, chemical name for this compound is dimethylethanolamine.  It has a variety of uses in addition to the use as a supplement to improve skin’s appearance and mental alertness.  It is actually used in industrial products for various functions as well.

DMAE can be found in the skin of certain fish that are actually palatable enough for human consumption (but may not be to everyone’s taste still). Those fish include sardines, salmon and anchovies.

Of course, the most popular of those three is salmon, which already has a great reputation as a hearty health food that has many other health and skin benefits. This includes the all important content of omega 3 fatty acids, which are excellent for the brain as well as for the skin.

Other than fish, you will really not find this nutrient in other foods. However, our bodies do naturally manufacture this substance. It is thought to be an important precursor to the neurotransmitters which make our brain function properly, although the studies on this are not totally conclusive and experts not yet in agreement over its function.

DMAE is popular as a skin health supplement because it is purported to help increase the firmness of the skin. This aspect is important since as we age, our skin begins to slacken and sag from the mere fact that it is exposed to gravity twenty four seven.

This compound is not only popular in pill form as an ingested nutrient for the skin, but it is also used in a great many topical creams, lotions and serums that are aimed at increasing firmness in the skin.

The reason people get so excited about DMAE in skin care products both topical and internal is that it is one of the few supplements that helps to visibly increase firmness. Most others simply help increase cell turnover or help with tone and clarity whereas this one seems to actually help firm and lift.

One of the best ways to get the nutrient into the skin is to apply it at night in cream or serum form. Night time is when your skin really soaks anything applied to it like a sponge. This is because at night, your body temperature typically goes up.

When this happens, it increases the absorption of anything applied, which can help external creams and serums do a better job.  You can also of course take this as a supplement, but be aware that you may wait a while to see any type of difference in your skin. However, the mental differences are supposed to be more quick to appear.

Some say they notice increase alertness within a few hours of taking it.  Be careful with the dosage. It is recommended that you start off slowly with a lower dosage, so taking half a pill may be wise. This way, you can see if you have any negative side effects such as irritability or nervousness.

If you don’t, then you may be able to increase the dosage without feeling so many side effects.  Overall, this supplement can be a benefit to both your skin and your brain.  Please feel free to leave any comments here if you’ve had any experience with this supplement.


A fungus called Sporothrix Schenckii is the leading cause of an infection known as Sporotrichosis. It usually damages the skin, although in rare instances, it can also affect the joints, bones, lungs, and the brain. It is also referred to as rose-thorn disease since they can be spread through roses.

Sporothrix Schenckii thrives in thorny plants, soil, sphagnum moss, and hay. So it typically affects gardeners, agricultural workers, and farmers. It can enter into your body through skin cuts and abrasions, causing either nail fungus or toenail fungus.

Respiratory pathways lead to the entrance of fungal spores into your lungs. It can also be affect veterinarians who are exposed to animals with such disease.

It usually takes between 1 and 12 weeks before the initial symptoms will appear after fungal exposure.

Severe complications may develop among patients who are suffering from poor immune system. Signs of skin or cutaneous sporotrichosis may include skin bumps or nodular lesions. The lesion appears small, painless, and can acquire color ranging between pink and purple. If this is not treated, it will grow bigger until it will resemble a boil. There’ll be more lesions appearing until it develops into chronic ulcer. Productive coughing, fibrosis, swollen lymph nodes, and lung nodules, meanwhile, are common signs of pulmonary sporotrichosis. Sufferers of this are vulnerable to pneumonia and tuberculosis. Disseminated sporotrichosis occurs when the infection starts to spread from the main affected area to other parts of the body. It can affect your bones and joints, as well as your brain and central nervous system.

The diagnosis of Sporothrix Schenckii can be hard because it appearance of symptoms is subtle and they progress slowly. You can confirm the diagnosis by culturing the Sporothrix Schenckii in the sputum such as phlegm, saliva, spit, and mucus; bone drainage or arthrocentesis; biopsy of the synovial tissue, and pus. The antibody can also be utilized, but because of its specificity and variability, it canot be utilized as your main basis for a diagnosis. Sporotrichosis meningitis can be diagnosed by comparing the antibodies present in cerebrospinal fluid to the S. schenckii antibody present in the serum or in the blood. You also need to rule out bone infection and osteomyelitis in the instance of disseminated sporotrichosis.

You can prevent entry of Sporothrix Schenckii by wearing gloves or long sleeves when you’re interacting with soil, pine seedlings, rose bushes, bales, and sphagnum moss. You may also undergo treatment. But this varies according to the location and severity of the condition. You can apply orally a solution of saturated potassium iodide to cure cutaneous sporotrichosis. This normally lasts for 3 to 6 months. You can also take some antifungal drugs like itraconazole. Some patients can’t tolerate fluconazole. Amphotericin B, a type of antifungal medication, is applied intravenously. A lot of patients, however, are not keen on such drugs because of their side effects like vomiting, nausea, and fever. A combination of 5-fluorocystosine and Amphotericin B is given to those who have sporotrichosis meningitis. Surgery is mandatory if there’s bone infection or development of cavitatory nodules in your lungs.