DMAE for Skin Health – Skin Health Supplements for Gorgeous Skin!

What is DMAE?  Is it a vitamin?  A mineral?  A type of amino acid, or fatty acid? Those were the questions I first asked when I started to look in to this nutrient which is sold as a supplement for everything from increasing brain power and focus to improving and firming the skin.

Turned out all of the above guesses were wrong.  DMAE is an organic compound that is found in the skin of certain types of fish primarily.  Not so shocking when you figure most people who consume a lot of fish tend to have pretty nice looking skin and also tend to age better in most other respects (their minds stay sharp).

But of course, since we are a blog about skin care, and all the supplements that can make our skin look youthful, vibrant and ethereally lovely for a long time, we are going to talk about how DMAE may be used to improve the skin.

There are of course detractors of DMAE for skin care who say that there is really no scientific proof that it helps with skin firmness.  However, there are more and more people swearing by its ability to improve the integrity of the skin and keep the aging process at bay.

The longer, chemical name for this compound is dimethylethanolamine.  It has a variety of uses in addition to the use as a supplement to improve skin’s appearance and mental alertness.  It is actually used in industrial products for various functions as well.

DMAE can be found in the skin of certain fish that are actually palatable enough for human consumption (but may not be to everyone’s taste still). Those fish include sardines, salmon and anchovies.

Of course, the most popular of those three is salmon, which already has a great reputation as a hearty health food that has many other health and skin benefits. This includes the all important content of omega 3 fatty acids, which are excellent for the brain as well as for the skin.

Other than fish, you will really not find this nutrient in other foods. However, our bodies do naturally manufacture this substance. It is thought to be an important precursor to the neurotransmitters which make our brain function properly, although the studies on this are not totally conclusive and experts not yet in agreement over its function.

DMAE is popular as a skin health supplement because it is purported to help increase the firmness of the skin. This aspect is important since as we age, our skin begins to slacken and sag from the mere fact that it is exposed to gravity twenty four seven.

This compound is not only popular in pill form as an ingested nutrient for the skin, but it is also used in a great many topical creams, lotions and serums that are aimed at increasing firmness in the skin.

The reason people get so excited about DMAE in skin care products both topical and internal is that it is one of the few supplements that helps to visibly increase firmness. Most others simply help increase cell turnover or help with tone and clarity whereas this one seems to actually help firm and lift.

One of the best ways to get the nutrient into the skin is to apply it at night in cream or serum form. Night time is when your skin really soaks anything applied to it like a sponge. This is because at night, your body temperature typically goes up.

When this happens, it increases the absorption of anything applied, which can help external creams and serums do a better job.  You can also of course take this as a supplement, but be aware that you may wait a while to see any type of difference in your skin. However, the mental differences are supposed to be more quick to appear.

Some say they notice increase alertness within a few hours of taking it.  Be careful with the dosage. It is recommended that you start off slowly with a lower dosage, so taking half a pill may be wise. This way, you can see if you have any negative side effects such as irritability or nervousness.

If you don’t, then you may be able to increase the dosage without feeling so many side effects.  Overall, this supplement can be a benefit to both your skin and your brain.  Please feel free to leave any comments here if you’ve had any experience with this supplement.