The Microbead Travel Pillow Is The Best Alternative To Traditional Pillows

People who travel know that it can often be tricky to have comfort in strange places. Fortunately, modern technology has created the microbead travel pillow. They are very compact, extremely comfortable and lightweight. Moreover, they will be hypoallergenic, bacteria resistant and easily cleaned.

These amazing pillows come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Most are small enough to fit into your briefcase, carry on bag or backpack. They can conveniently be taken nearly anywhere you may go. They have a texture that allows them to be put into places that a regular pillow can not be stored.

A microbead pillow is most commonly stuffed with a polystyrene material. The filling consists of millions of tiny beads that can move around, molding themselves to the contours of body parts. These fillers can provide an exceptional amount of support in areas where it is needed.

For the reason that the beads are in fact a form of plastic, they tend not to attract bacteria, mites or fungus. This makes them especially valuable to people who have allergic conditions. They are easy to maintain, carry and clean.

Nearly all will have removable cases that can just be put into your washer. These generally are made of stain resistant spandex, polyester or Lycra material. Some will combine materials to provide a different texture on opposing sides. Their smaller size lets them be easily cleaned by hand if it is necessary.

The beads have a very soothing effect upon the body. The small particles actually move around to persistently adjust their shape in order to conform to all body parts. Though tremendously flexible, cushioning and comfortable, they simultaneously give you a remarkable amount of support.

The design also promotes proper airflow as well. They do not compress like feather, foam or cotton filled pillows and maintain an even temperature for added comfort in any season. They can be purchased in square, round or horseshoe shapes for supporting the shoulders, arms and legs or the head.

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